Uniquely positioned at the bleeding edge, we are known for our tech-based solutions to the daily problems of work and life.
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Embedded deep within our beliefs and values, our ethical and moral standards sets us apart from the competition.
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About Us

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Registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan in 2016, bound by the high ethical standards of Chartered Accountants, we provide financial, audit, corporate and taxation services to individuals, corporations, development sector organizations and government departments across 4 continents.

Our Services

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We are known for our commitment to quality while being affordable and flexible. Our lines of services go beyond the few mentioned but these are our main service lines.


Effectiveness and efficiency of controls and truthfulness of reported information.


Feasibilities, due diligence, accounting systems and business planning.


Tax filing, withholding & returns. Corporate compliance & registrations.


SOP and organizational development, capacity building and automation.

About the Team

Meet The Management

Hina Shahrukh

Managing Partner

Hina Shahrukh

Managing Partner
A fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), she has more than 12 years of professional experience, and is passionate about education, continued professional development and personal growth.

Shahrukh Malik


Shahrukh Malik

Experienced in finance, passionate about technology and an avid entrepreneur, he has spent over 12 years conducting assurance and consulting assignments for global clients spanning 6 continents.

Our Methodology

Rising above Expectations

Our group’s tagline summarizes our engagement methodology. We don’t just provide high quality deliverables on time, our goal is to go beyond the scope and cater to all of your needs, not just the project at hand.


Initial consultation

Book a free consultation to discuss your requirements with our team.


Engagement Letter

Decide on the scope and sign a contract with deliverables and timelines.


Project Execution

Track progress through our management tools in collaboration with our team.